Top Ten Tips For Enjoying Your Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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Congratulations. You’ve just bought your new fruit infuser water bottle!

Fantastic! But how can you make the most of the great health and hydration benefits and make sure you’re using your new fruit infuser water bottle to the max?

Well our customer service team have pulled together the top 10 questions we’re most commonly asked  as well as the top tips we give over at Active Gear And Apparel and you can also click HERE for some additional information about our own 27 oz capacity fruit infuser sports water bottle.

How Long Should I infuse for?

That’s a great question and it depends on how intense you like your flavors, how much time you have available and even what fruits you’re using!

But here’s the deal… for maximum flavor and health benefit we would generally advise letting the fruit infuse for 1 – 2 hours at room temperature or 2 – 4 hours in the fridge.

Or if you’re like us and you like a really fruity intense flavor then you can leave your bottle infusing in the fridge overnight for up to 12 hours.

Depending which fruit you use it’s sometimes best to remove the fruit from the infuser after around 4 hours to avoid the interesting and perhaps unwelcome side effect of potential fermentation!

After all you’re not trying to create fruit punch here!

How Long Can I Safely Keep The Water?

Aha – the million dollar question and we get asked this all the time!

We suggest that you ideally want to drink your infused water within 24 hours, or certainly 48 hours maximum

Think of the reason you’ve bought the infuser in the first place. Presumably it’s partly because you don’t want to drink juice full of chemicals and preservatives and unlike shop bought product your fruit infused water will be preservative free.

So it stands to reason you want to dink it within the 24 hour window as there won’t be any preservatives in it artificially prolonging its life.

Can You Re-Use The Fruit From One Batch Of Infused Water Into Another?

Well you could within limits.

But a better suggestion might be that where possible once you’ve drunk half of the infusion just top up the water bottle again to its full capacity.

That way you’re not diluting the flavour too much by adding completely new water content.

Should I Worry About The Fruit Going Bad?

Well we have already shared the ‘drink within 24 – 48 hours’ so as long as you stick with this and keep your bottle refrigerated if you’re not intending to finish it that day you should be fine!

Hot Or Cold Water. What Works Best?

There are different schools of thought here but we tend to believe that if you want to gain the most from the natural vitamins and enzymes contained in your fruit you’re probably not going to want to use hot water!

Not only will this potentially destroy or greatly reduce vitamin and enzyme content but more often then not the fruit will break apart and lose consistency which is neither attractive or particularly helpful for when you clean your bottle later.

Do The Fruits Have To Be Fresh Or Can I Use Dried Or Frozen?

It’s a unanimous NOPE to the dried fruits question. We’ve tried this ourselves and the results were to put it kindly just a little icky!

You can use frozen fruit, but just be aware that this will not taste as good and you can expect as it begins to thaw the frozen fruit will break apart into small fragments in your infuser.

Are There Really Health Benefits Or Am I Just Riding A New Fad?

There most certainly are!

You’ll immediately be benefitting from the naturally occurring vitamins and anti-oxidants that are present in your fruit and you’ll also have the benefit of being able to mix different fruits for maximum effect.

There’s A Strange Bitter Taste!

When we first had this call come into customer service it got us worried that we may inadvertently have shipped a defective product.

And then we realised that all that had happened is that the rind had still been left on the fruit before it was put in the infuser.

So if you are including citrus fruits in your infusion mix, either cut off the rind beforehand or don’t let the citrus fruit infuse for more then a couple of hours.

Bitterness problem solved!

I’m Going Out Soon And I Need My Fruit To Infuse Faster!

We’ve found that the best way to achieve this is once you’ve made the infusion and sealed your fruit infuser water bottle, then leave it to sit and infuse at room temperature for around an hour. If you like you can then put it in the fridge to bring the temperature down further but an hour in room temperature first wil accelerate the whole infusion process.

Should I Use Organic?

Well of course this isn’t essential and it depends on your personal preferences. If you buy organic fruit for the table then it makes sense that you use organic fruit for your infusions. And I guess we all know the arguments about the benefits of organic produce over non-organic.

So in an ideal world use organic as you’ll be using fruit that’s pesticide free.

But at the very least we’d recommend that you thoroughly rinse your fruit first before making the infusion.

Well that about wraps it up for now!

We do hope you find these tips helpful and watch out for more posts and reviews coming your way!

Catch you soon!

Sean and the team


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